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    Shifting From Power Over Children To Power With Children

    Listen to Teresa discuss her book, parenting for social change When we look around the news and see stories of war, violence, and suffering, we may wonder what we can do about it. We may feel helpless or powerless to create change. Even though we may feel small and powerless, everything we do matters and […]

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    Raising A Boy Using Shame

    Photo Shutterstock/Refat  “Shame on you.” It’s how we were parented, but it’s not how we should be parenting.   As a kid I got shamed a lot when I did something wrong. Not only when I did something wrong, but when I genuinely felt scared or sad I was shamed and told “I‘ll give you […]

  • The New Story of Fatherhood

    Attunement and Advocacy: Resourcing Families of Children with Sensory Processing Struggles

    PART THREE OF A THREE PART SERIES Read Part One, Advocating for Childhood, Neurodiversity and Limbic Stimulation Here Read Part Two, Prematurity, Caesarean Delivery and Sensory Integration, Here When caregivers attune to children of all ages there is an increase in the healing response. The physiology of the healing response catalyzes immune function and cellular repair. Attuning to […]

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    Peace Code In The Human Brain: Robin Grille’s TEDx Talk

    Photo Shutterstock/agsandrew   Peace Code In The Human Brain Robin Grille is the author of Parenting for Peaceful World and Heart to Heart Parenting.  He is Kindred’s Australian Contributing Editor.  You can see his Parenting for a Peaceful World USA Tour video series here. About his TEDx talk, Robin says, “This is why I do […]

  • Onion Maternity Leave

    Report: Many Companies Now Offering Women Permanent, Unpaid Maternity Leave

    The Onion Takes On The Insanity of Maternity Leave In America But really, this is no laughing matter.  Forcing women to choose between financial stability and family is a choice women worldwide consider a violation of their human rights.  Why are American women okay with the options presented by The Onion video above?  Because this […]

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